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10 Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 that will be huge

Can it be true? Is Spring really here? While everything starts coming alive outside, why not make a few changes inside to spruce up your decor and welcome the season of rejuvenation....

Here are some of the key decorating trends for Spring that are going to be huge this year. Join the fun and be the neighbour everyone else looks to for design inspiration.

1 - Absolutely Abstract

While botanical prints are still on trend, abstract art is in town and it’s bolder than ever. This Spring, I'm seeing alcohol inks, line drawings, colourful blocks and unique geometric patterns. Interiors are gaining inspiration from abstract art work that goes on the wall and also appears on statement rugs, cushion covers, throws and tapestries.

If you're looking for a lockdown activity, creating your own colour coordinated alcohol ink artwork is an easy activity to try at home, here is a tutorial.

2 - Bold Wallcoverings

Wallpaper is back with a vengeance. We’re seeing traditional wallpaper in vibrant colours, geometric patterns and large prints. Florals are particularly loud with giant palm and banana leaves, oversized blooms and metallic finishes. Floral prints are adorning open spaces and small rooms alike. Giant blooms bring a wash room alive, add a welcoming touch to an entrance and add a romantic touch to the bedroom.

Love the thought of trying something bold but don’t want to make a wallpaper commitment? Many prints are available in peel and stick options. They can come down as quickly as they go up (which means there’s no excuse not to try the trend!)

3 - Coloured Marble

Marble is such an exquisite stone and ups the wow factor no matter where it is used. This Spring, I'm seeing coloured marble on everything from vanity tops to decorative accessories such as lamp bases and kitchen coasters.

Rose and pink mixed into the marble is a huge trend, as is marble with touches of gold running through it.

2020 Spring Decorating Trends

Image Credit: Trouva

4 - Rustic Wood As Art

Whether you love the farmhouse look or prefer a traditional interior, adding a rustic bread board to your kitchen counter brings warmth and style without being classified as “country”. Today’s breadboard is a work of art, available in all shapes, sizes and wood varieties. The natural element brings an organic touch to your space (and organic is always in style.)

Image Credit: Left: Sean Litchfield, Right: West Elm.

5 - Brass Touches

Over the years, brass has come and gone in home decor. It’s back again! Look for brass lamp fixtures, hardware, planters and trays. No matter where you add brass touches, they always make a room look more elegant.

Image Credit: Left: Magnus Marding, Right: Willow + Hall

6 - Mixed Colour Palettes

This Spring, you’re the artist when it comes to mixing and matching paint colours. Let this be the year you no longer play it safe. Pair navy with mustard, terra cotta with aqua, royal blue with rose. Choose bold colour combos for cushions, area rugs, wallpaper, wall art or tapestries.

7 - Organic Options

The organic movement is alive and kicking. Wood, cane furniture backs, sisal rugs and rattan lamp shades are all natural touches that add texture, beauty and a sense of calm to your home. Pair textured cushions, knits and faux fur, making a space comfortable and inviting.

8 - Silver Accents

Every cloud has a silver lining and every accessory has a silver accent! Spring 2020 trends show a lot of silver touches. Rose gold had its moment and now silver is in the spotlight. Incorporate this metal into your decor through lamps and various accessories such as the mirror and picture frames, furniture legs, side tables and small decorative pieces.

9- Pops of Pink

Pink is one of the colours of the moment. Pastel pink, dusty rose, peachy pink or fuchsia can change the look of a room in an instant. Enhance your space with one signature pink accessory or piece of furniture. Pink throw pillows or a fuchsia wingback chair are simple ways to make an impactful statement.

10 - Japandi

The combination of minimalist Japanese design and simple Scandinavian style is called Japandi and it’s a trend that has been gaining strength for the past few years. This Spring, you’ll see more and more accessories with Japanese influence: silk textures and bird motifs, paired with the Scandinavian simplicity of clean lines and soothing colour palettes.

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2020 Spring Decorating Trends


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