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11 Easy Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Ideas To Get More Sleep

We all have our personal opinion of how we want our bedroom to look and feel. Some people like crisp sheets and a simple cover on the bed, while others prefer to be cocooned in a fluffy duvet with oversized pillows and a plush throw.

With our modern lifestyles In today's busy, hectic and connected society, has there ever been more of a time to try and claim back a little calm?

Regardless of what you believe from a spiritual perspective, the ancient laws of feng shui will help you have a better nights sleep. If you're a newbie or a veteran, combining some Feng Shui principles in your home can tune you into good energy, lifting your mood and increase your overall well-being.

Below we've got 11 easy feng shui bedroom layout ideas tips to give your room a little more chi, and your eyelids a little more closure! Sound good?

But first.... what's Feng Shui?

The ancient Chinese spatial laws of Feng Shui is designed to help us feel more connected to our homes, to have great energy flowing in, and allowing negative energy out.

The word ‘feng’ is Chinese for wind, and the word ‘shui’ is Chinese for water – together these symbolise the flow of life. Feng shui is the yin/yang balance of darkness and light. Incorporating basic principles of feng shui in your bedroom will create tranquility and harmony, and can actually affect your sleep.

Here are some feng shui bedroom layout ideas that can help to ensure you get some quality Z’s.

1 - Make The Bed The Focus

feng shui bedroom layout ideas

Image Credit: Monica Wang

In feng shui, the energy level of the bedroom is dependent on several factors. A quality bed is one of them, but that doesn’t mean that you have to rush out to replace the bed you already have. An expensive bed and luxurious linens don’t automatically guarantee good vibes.

The most important component of a good night’s sleep is, of course, a good mattress. When selecting a mattress, do your research and test mattresses before you choose one. The average person will spend 26 years asleep in their lifetime.

A quality mattress is an important investment. Good mattresses ease back and neck pain and help to improve posture. If you can’t get comfortable each night and don’t feel rested when you get up in the morning, you may want to consider getting a new mattress.

2 - Consider The Position Of Your Bed

feng shui bedroom layout ideas

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Think the position of your bed doesn’t matter? Think again. According to feng shui principles, where you place your bed also influences your sleep. There are several feng shui bedroom layout ideas to consider to create a positive, relaxing environment that removes stress and opens up your space to positive energy and a restful night:

  • one

    Make sure your bed is as far away from the door as possible. Placing your bed in the centre of a wall opposite the bedroom door is the ideal placement.

  • AStwo

    Your bed should not be beneath a window. Noise and light can easily disturb your sleep.

  • ASthree

    Place your headboard against a wall that allows you a view of the door. This signifies support and protection.

  • ASfour

    Your bed should never be parallel to the door.

  • ASfive

    If space permits, your bed should always be accessible on both sides. This is especially important for couples as it balances out the room’s Chi (energy) and maintains balance in the relationship.

3 - choose Natural, organic items

feng shui bedroom layout ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest 

When it comes to choosing bed linens, the more natural and organic they are the more they are thought to keep negative airflow to a minimum. Purchase the best quality you can afford and keep them simple.

Natural materials can help promote a good night’s sleep so consider cotton and linen. Using soft textiles on the bed will beckon you to it. The cosier and more inviting your bed is, the more relaxed you will be when you’re in it.

Another important element of a good night’s sleep is a quality bed pillow. Why do we hang on to old pillows like we’re obligated to keep them until they fall apart? Old pillows hold old energy. Treat yourself to new pillows and you’ll have a clean slate for sweet dreams and positivity.

4 - Practice minimalism to allow the air and Chi to flow

feng shui bedroom layout ideas

Image Credit: Avenue Lifestyle

Think of the bedroom as a haven of relaxation and peace. Get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy or contribute to the harmony of the room. A cluttered space causes a blockage of energy.

The more furniture and possessions you have in your bedroom, the more difficult it is for good energy to flow. Free up as much floor space as you can. Heavy furniture, or too many pieces can block energy and create a negative environment.

Allowing air to flow freely also means keeping the space beneath the bed clear. Storing things under your bed may be practical, but it prevents energy from flowing throughout the room.

Want to declutter like a sensei? Get our ultimate guide to decluttering here

5 - Shine the light, but not at night

To balance yin and yang, a bedroom should have an abundance of natural light. Always open windows to allow fresh air to circulate.

If there’s not a lot of natural light in your bedroom, hang sheer or light coloured curtains to allow maximum daylight to shine through.

When it’s bedtime, block the light completely to signal to your body that it’s time to rest. Use blackout curtains or blinds.

6 - Choose calming colours and decor

Create a serene environment by choosing muted paint and accessory colours that have calming hues.

Neutral paint colours like white, grey and beige will keep you grounded. Soft shades of blue are believed to promote sleep, as are pastels and soft greens and yellows.

Bright colours can be too stimulating and may actually make it difficult to fall asleep. Here’s an interior design tip if you love colour; add a dark, dramatic paint colour to the bedroom ceiling. Contrary to what you may think, it can add to the room’s relaxing vibe.

If you want help creating a whole home colour palette click here to get my simple 5 step process. And If you're over grey, click here to get 5 new neutrals that will make you forget grey.

7 - Hang art that makes you feel good

feng shui bedroom layout ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

While it’s not necessary to fill every bit of wall space in your room, choose some key art pieces that have a positive impact, message or meaning. You should always surround yourself with positivity and items that make you happy or reflect your vision of what you want in life.

8 - Remove the TV and electronics

We are a connected society and feel out of touch if we can’t see what friends are sharing on social media. A good night’s sleep is hindered by the use of tablets, mobile phones, TV and other electronics in the bedroom.

Make a conscious effort to leave mobile phones, computers and iPads out of the bedroom and see how much calmer you are before you drift off. Not only are electronics distracting, they generate radiation—enough to alter the natural energy flow of the bedroom.

You should also remove any chargers you have on your bedside table or under the bed. If keeping your phone in the room is absolutely necessary, place it on the wall opposite your bed.

9 - Bring the outdoors in

feng shui bedroom layout ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

Nature has a calm and healing effect on the mind and body. Adding one or two plants, or a foliage stem in a glass vase can contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

10 - Drift off to the soothing sounds of nature

The sound of water (whether it’s waves on the beach or a gentle rain) has a soothing effect and is beneficial in promoting sleep. Sounds of nature can enhance the peaceful atmosphere of the bedroom and lull you to sleep with sounds such as chirping birds, the wind in the trees or a babbling brook.

11 - Use a bedroom chair as a place of reflection

feng shui bedroom layout ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

Having a comfy bedroom chair where you can sit and collect your thoughts, focus on your goals, write in a gratitude journal or meditate, can help to promote relaxation and mindfulness.

Are there feng shui bedroom layout ideas that you’ve incorporated into your home? I’d love for you to share your comments.

Here's to a relaxing, happy and lengthy nights sleep for you!

Natalie xx

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