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7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room

Does your living room need a refresh but you’re not sure where to start? Have you been scouring the internet and Pinterest for some design and colour inspiration but are overwhelmed by choices?

We’ve pulled together some chic colour palettes to help point you in the right direction.

Whilst many of these living room colour schemes are neutral, we think the shades and tones will surprise you. Take a peek and see if any of these colour palettes strike your fancy.

7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room - Palette 1

We love the contemporary tones of the above room featured in Elle Décor.

The neutral gray and whitewashed floor boards lend a casual yet sophisticated touch to the palest yellow apple of the furniture fabric and the head turning teal of the accent cushions and coffee table trunk.

A simple, silver framed mirror and barely there floor lamp blend seamlessly into the design. Gorge!

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Flint 236 – Little Greene | Inox 224 – Little Greene | Moon-Shadow 261 – Little Greene | Oak Apple 63 – Little Greene

7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room - Palette 2

Image Credit: Anna Hewitson Design

We adore the dark marine wall colour and stunning burnt orange furnishings of this captivating sitting/music room by Anna Hewitson Design.

Everything about this room is striking in its elegance and modern beauty. From the shapely overhead sputnik chandelier to the geometric black and white window treatments, this room elegantly showcases one of our favourite colour palettes - the complementary shades of blue and orange.

We love how the entire sofa wall is covered with framed record albums. The music theme is carried above the fireplace with an LED neon sign referencing David Bowie lyrics.

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Basalt 221 – Little Greene | Deep Space Blue 207 – Little Greene | Heat 24 – Little Greene | Slaked Lime 105 – Little Greene

7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room - Palette 3

Image Credit: Anna Hewitson Design

Rich tones and worldly charm grace this stunning living room featured in a chic London Townhouse.

The look, by Anna Hewitson Design, uses a contemporary colour palette featuring a soft combination of blues, coral, gold and gray with a statement making art piece, brass furniture legs and an open work coffee table/ottoman.

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James 108 – Little Greene | Mortlake Yellow 265 – Little Greene | Shallows 223 – Little Greene | Tuscan Red 140 – Little Greene

7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room - Palette 4

Image Credit: Kerri Rosenthal

Totally tonal, this room is the epitome of relaxed glamour. It features organic tones and textures, from the furnishings to the natural linen fabrics.

There’s something serene yet luxurious about a neutral colour palette. The mix of shapes (bolster pillow, round decorative bowl and linear coffee table) gives this room a modern look with a warm, casual vibe.

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Clockface 81 – Little Greene | Flint 236 – Little Greene | Rubine Ashes 243 – Little Greene | Scree 227 – Little Greene

7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room - Palette 5

Image Credit: Kate Marker Interiors

We’re crushing on the Aspen Project over on Kate Marker Interiors. Kate is known for her clean aesthetic, incorporating natural wood and organic finishes into every design.

The cozy elegance of this living room is magnified by a jute rug, plump sectional and upholstered ottomans. With barely-there paint colours in Bone China, this glorious room is a space to envy.

When you’re looking for a neutral living room palette that also has a subtle hint of blue, consider Bone China paint from Little Greene.

With minimal accessories, white washed wood window frames as art and soft, elegant furnishings, the subtle tones in this room shine through to capture attention.

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Bone China Blue 182 – Little Greene | Bone China Mid 183 – Little Greene | Juniper Ash 115 – Little Greene | Loft White 222 – Little Greene

7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room - Palette 6

From neutrals to saturated colours, this is a great example of a get rich quick scheme with a luxurious wallpaper that offers intense colour and texture.

In our opinion, using damask wallpaper in living room colour schemes is always a good idea!

This is such a stunning design, from the jaw-dropping colour combo to the plush velvet furnishings, that we instantly fell head over heels for this living room featured on

If you love vibrant head-turning colours, and you’re not afraid to go bold, this trendy palette is for you.

Although the deep teal is a damask wallpaper from the Zoffany collection, we discovered a few paint alternatives (Little Greene’s Goblin or Canton). Go teal on the walls or paint a focal wall in Little Greene’s Mischief paint for a similar, breathtaking result.

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Canton 94 – Little Greene | Goblin 311 – Little Greene | Mischief 13 – Little Greene | Woad 251 – Little Greene

7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room - Palette 7

Image Credit: Janniche Kristoffersen

We’re captivated by the serene look of this fab living room with a full wall of art work, and simple Scandinavian aesthetic. This room is from the cozy Swedish home of Janniche Kristoffersen. It was featured on the Nordroom interior design blog.

There’s something soft and feminine about the look. Perhaps it’s the linen or the colour of the coffee table that picks up the art and flower colours (total buddy system in action), but we’re smitten.

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Blush 267 – Little Greene | Inox 224 – Little Greene | Mid Buff 122 – Little Greene | Slaked Lime Dark 151 – Little Greene

Do any of these living room colour palette ideas entice you to start painting?

We'd love to know which is your favourite and whether you're brave enough to make a choice like Goblin or Deep Space Blue or you’re more likely to stick with neutral tones.

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Natalie xx

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7 Colour Palette Ideas For Your Living Room


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