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7 ways to create a positive and happy home

Life throws many challenges our way, especially right now. How we react to our circumstances plays a huge role in our own happiness.

Since I have no control over tomorrow, I thought I’d share some simple tips on how to create a happy home today.

Small changes in your home décor can boost happiness with minimal effort and investment. Who doesn't want a bit of that?

I've got 7 for you to do today. Tag me on instagram if you do any of these, share your happy homes with me and let's spread a bit of love around, we all need a little bit of that right now 💕

How To Create A Happy Home
How To Create A Happy Home

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1 - Clear the clutter and reduce stress

If you do just one thing to create a happier home, do this. 👆

Now if I'm being honest, if you'd have asked me 18 months ago what I thought about minimalism, I'd have probably given you an answer along the lines of "It's for freaks that are a little extreme, who's got time for that??"

A year ago, I was seriously stressed. 10 years spent renovating my home, running three businesses, working a 60+ hour week that often started at 4am, looking after the children, the house, the washing, the cleaning.... My home was a mess, my life was full of stress and I was heading for burnout. After an ambulance ride to A&E, I knew I had to do something about it.

I stumbled across a blog post that has literally changed my life, decluttering.

I'm now a total convert and a HUGE fan of simplified minimalism. I'm not talking minimal design style, I'm talking minimal in life. It's a movement and a way of living that creates harmony and happiness.

Do not underestimate how much clutter effects your overall wellbeing and life. Every item in your home takes up your time.... Every. Single. Item.

Just think about it for just a second.

How many cups are in your cup cupboard? 10? 15? 20?  Each one of those cups is adding to your stress levels. It's a simple analogy but stay with me....

You have to give headspace to each cup. To wash, to dry, to put away, to move from the dishwasher, to move from the office desk or the breakfast bar, to filter through to get to your favourite cup..... Might be only a few seconds, might be a few minutes, but by being in your home, each item is taking up your time.


#PurgePorn, before and after. I can see what I have, I don't have to spend time searching, I've made a cup of tea more quickly.... And well it just looks lovely! A super simple example that's magnified when all of your home in decluttered, stress free and minimal.

If you want to have more time and reduce stress. Remove things from your home. You'll feel happier, calmer and less stressed..... I totally assure you!

Although you may not even realise it, clutter is overwhelming.

Go through each room and clear any clutter. I'm not just talking about stray paperwork or things that haven't been used in a while, get ruthless, ask yourself if you really need this in your new stress-free life.

Donate items that you rarely use. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you free up space and the act of helping others with your donations will also make you feel good.  It’s a win-win!

If you want a helping hand with where to start, grab my ultimate guide to clearing the clutter here.

I've got some great things coming up for you if you like to lighten the load in your home and make it a happier place to be (stay tuned).... It all starts with clutter!

How To Create A Happy Home

Image Credit: Chase + Wonder

2 - Surround yourself with happy memories

Many items that have special meaning to you can be incorporated into your decor to boost happiness.

  • A special award recognising your achievements can be hung in your office to remind you how far you’ve come.
  • Souvenirs from your travels will take you back to magic times and memorable adventures.
  • A cherished collection or book from a family member or mentor deserves a spot on your bookshelf.

Items that mean the most to you should be displayed where you can see them, in pride of place.

Don’t go overboard and create additional clutter (Rule #1 👆) —just choose a select few that have the greatest significance.

How To Create A Happy Home

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3 - A picture is worth a thousand words

Create a gallery wall of photos that capture family members, close friends, experiences and special occasions. It’s amazing how a single photo can take you right back to a moment in time you never want to forget. 

You can group your photos in one place or add a few sentimental photos in various rooms in your home so that every time you look at them, they bring a smile to your face. 

How To Create A Happy Home

Image Credit: Skye McAlpine

4 - Bring joy to every room with a plant or flowers

There’s nothing that compares to the beauty of a bouquet of roses on a dining table or bunch of peonies on a vanity unit.

Flowers add beauty to every space.

Take time to smell the roses and appreciate each bloom. Plant a garden or use potted plants to add cheerful greenery to your home.

Don’t reserve flowers for special occasions. Enjoy them today.

How To Create A Happy Home

Image Credit: Sarah Kaye

5 - Use colour to improve your mood

Certain colours can evoke happiness. Yellow is sunny and bright, promoting feelings of joy, positive energy and cheerfulness. Orange is also cheery and blue is known to be up-lifting. Spruce up your home with these colours with paint or decorative accessories.

If you need a little help understanding how to use colour when decorating your home, get the lowdown here. If you're attempting to create a cohesive home that looks and feels like you, click here to learn how you can create a whole home colour palette.

How To Create A Happy Home

Image Credit: Nisolo

6 - Enjoy uplifting fragrances

Have you ever walked into a shop and thought, “hmmm… it smells so good in here”?

Wouldn’t you like to have that same feeling in your own home?

Fresh citrus, eucalyptus, pine, vanilla, flowers, fresh cut grass, home baked bread and apple pie—all of these are natural fragrances that have the power to transport us back to happy times.

The obvious choice to add fragrance to your home by diffusing essential oils, lighting aromatherapy candles, and if you're looking for a scent to de-stress, try the scent to de-stress range by Neom.

If you want a DIY quick fix approach to try today, simmer orange or lemon slices in a saucepan with water or bake an apple in the oven.

Use fragrances to lift your spirit, scent your home and evoke a sense of calm.

How To Create A Happy Home

Image Credit: Rebecca De Boehmler

7 - Let the sun shine in

Open the curtains and let sunshine spill into every corner of your home. There’s nothing more uplifting than the bright sun shining through the windows.

Sunshine provides much-needed Vitamin D which is essential for optimal health. Vitamin D affects your mood, making you feel energetic and positive while reducing anxiety and depression. Soak up the sun!

And remember, believe me on the #ClearTheClutter crusade, I promise you... You'll feel so much calmer and happier.

Have a great week

Natalie xx

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How To Create A Happy Home


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