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The Secrets To Successfully Decorating Like The French Do

decorate like the French

Image Credit: The French Bedroom Company

When it comes to style, whether it be in their wardrobes or in their city apartments, the French just have “it”. It’s the classic je ne sais quoi, where everything seems so effortless, alongside an understated note of elegance. There are not many people who can make a simple Breton top and jeans look as stylish as the French can.

Today we wanted to take a look at how the French decorate and how you can emulate their effortless interior style in your own home with these five simple rules to follow.

Don't Follow Trends

Rather than following, the French are renowned for being ahead of the times when it comes to trends. They lead, others follow.

Moving away from popular interior design stories, the key here is to create a set of your own personal rules and integrate those into your home.

So, for example, if you fall head over heels in love with a piece of furniture, buy it rather than worrying where it will fit and how it will match. Trust your gut.

When you have a strong sense of personal style – like the French do – things just seem to come together easily. They have a great way of blending brand new with second hand, and it’s something you can do too.

Don’t Stress About The Imperfections

If you take a look at a Parisian apartment, right through to an historic Chateaux, there’s something so imperfectly perfect about embracing its flaws.

Don’t be afraid to show off the character of the building you live in – the flaws you’re so desperate to hide are the flaws the French would shine a spotlight on.

Nothing should be overly styled or perfectly polished and the history of the building should be respected, not hidden.

Embrace The Neutrals

When it comes to French interior style, it’s rare you’ll find anything garish when it comes to the use of colour.

Yes, bold colours are welcomed but always in a subtle, sophisticated manner and teamed with a chic palette of neutrals.

Think taupe, grey, white and neutral teamed with metallics and an injection of rich shades such as oxblood, forest green and blues.

Add An Unexpected Design Twist

The key to decorating like the French do is to pair together the most unexpected items.

For example, a console table you spotted at a second-hand shop, with a contemporary sculpture added on top, with a striking abstract piece of art hanging above.

This eclectic style of interior design is what set’s the French apart – plus it gives you the chance to embrace those family heirlooms that you’ve received but placed in the loft because you’re not sure where they really sit.

Consider The Functionality Of The Room

When the French decorate, they consider not only the look of the room, but how the space will be used.

Their homes are decorated to match the relaxed way of life, enjoying wine with friends, formal entertaining, places to lounge and read a book – think about what you want to do in said room and build your decorating choices around that first and foremost.

Are you a fan of the French way of decorating? Would you rather live in a Parisian apartment with beautiful moldings and parquet floorings, or a rustic French cottage, steeped in history and character?

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