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8 Examples of why Farrow & Ball's Railings is the Colour of 2019

farrow and ball railings

It’s been dubbed the “influencers colour of the year” with many an Instagram interior fans showing off their latest Farrow & Ball Railings paint job.

More blue than black, Railings is a softer alternative to black which is particularly suited to the ironwork it takes its name from, and it’s clear to see why this shade has become so popular over the last year.

Homeowners are becoming much less afraid to use darker shades like this than they once were, even embracing smaller homes with deep, dark walls, skirting and woodwork. We’re citing Instagram and Pinterest as the reason.

Today we wanted to look further into some of our favourite Railings moments, to see what complementing colours work and which rooms which suit this shade the best in case you’d fallen head over heels for this rich shade like we have.

Set against a neutral carpet choice, Railings certainly pops in this living room set-up above. The beauty of having such a dark wall is that both artwork and metallics such as the brass floor lamp sit confidently against, knowing they have the perfect backdrop to shine. (Image credit)


Image credit: Hornsby Style

Featured over on interiors blog Hornsby Style, Railings is used on this kitchen extension chimney breast, as well as cabinetry running throughout. It works incredibly well with the blue grey colour used on the main walls of room, alongside bohemian inspired accessories to tie the look together.


Image credit: Modern Country Style

Conjuring a sense of drama, Railings has been used throughout this dining room, including the skirting and woodwork, which can be a daring choice to make but makes maximum impact. By keeping the ceiling white, the room doesn’t appear closed in.


Image credit: Mouche Collective

Although normally seen in more traditional properties, here we see how well Railings works in a more contemporary setting. This Parisian apartment interior blends the deep blue shade with dusky pinks and warm light greys, creating a beautiful palette for those looking to blend both classic and modern design elements.


Image credit: Modern Country Style

If you’re looking for inspiration to see how Farrow & Ball Railings works on the exterior of a property, just take a look at this red brick property complete with the most stylish front garden path we’ve seen. Now this is how to create curb appeal.


Image credit:  Savvy Kitchens

Another example of how well Railings works in a more contemporary setting, this handle-free kitchen island brings a much-needed pop of colour to centre of this white space. It works incredibly well with the seamless cabinetry and might be an idea to consider if you’re looking to update your current kitchen design by painting the central island.


Image credit:  Rock My Style

Wood paneling in this bedroom adds a traditional design element to a property, and by using it only two thirds up the wall, it has tricked the mind into thinking the ceiling is higher than it is in reality. Paneling like this can be fitted incredibly easily, as shown here on award winning interiors blog, From Evijar With Love.


Image credit: Farrow & Ball

How stunning does this colour combination of Farrow & Ball Railings, mustard and cobalt blue look? Cobalt blue would never have been a first choice as an accent colour to Railings but wow, it certainly makes the right kind of impact used in these silk cushions. Oversized artwork pops from the moody blue backdrop and the white skirting and cornice is crisp and clean.

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