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The Feng Shui Rules To Consider For Your Home

feng shui for the home

Remember in the 90s when Changing Rooms graced our TV screens and Feng Shui was the term of everyone’s lips. The ancient Chinese spatial laws of Feng Shui is designed to help us feel more connected to our homes, to have great energy flowing in, and allowing negative energy out.

While most of us in this technology-driven, fast-paced lifestyle are often too busy to think about how our homes affect us, with these changes we could soon be feeling more in tune with good energy, lifting our mood and increasing our overall well-being.

Although there are many Feng Shui practices, today we wanted to share 10 that you could perhaps do this weekend. Starting with the second you walk in through the door.

Create a beautiful entrance

Having a tidy, stylish entrance to your home greets good energy and also allows guests to arrive and stop for a moment. This signifies they are welcome within your home and you’re not rushing them in and out again. Why not purchase some storage baskets to keep shoes tidied away, add a runner to ground the space and hang light, bright artwork on the walls.

Power Position

The power position is a Feng Shui term for placing your office desk away from the wall so you can sit facing the door. Traditionally they say if you have your back to the door, you’re turning your back on opportunities that come through. If you’re unable to switch the position of your office chair because of room layout, add a mirror to your desk so opportunities are reflected back to you.


This is a fairly obvious Feng Shui tip for the home, but by decluttering you’re taking away added stress from your home and ridding of negative energy that might have attached itself to old belongings. Although it certainly doesn’t have to be done all in one weekend, don’t ignore cupboards and garages etc just because you can’t see them. If you are serious about clearing the clutter, get our FREE marathon ultimate clear the clutter checklist here.

The Five Elements

Include the five elements – water, fire, wood, metal and earth – within your home in some way. For example, wooden photo frames, some kind of water feature, and plants. These five elements are the core of Feng Shui.

The Flow of Movement

Consider how you place your furniture in a room to allow maximum energy to flow around it peacefully. Having your sofa against the window, for example, is said to signify you turning your back on the beautiful landscape outside, which should in fact be enjoyed for better well-being. You should also have lots of natural light and if this isn’t possible, paint the rooms as light as you can to increase your mood.

Decorate in Twos

The art of Feng Shui says by decorating in twos, so think two matching bedside lamps, two matching cushions etc, you are restoring harmony and balance in the home. Although at Home Envy we like room designs to be fluid and work with your lifestyle, symmetrical styling can look incredibly chic.

a bedroom filled with love

If you are looking to welcome love into your life, traditionally it is said that you must only decorate with items that you truly love in the bedroom. Say bye to old bedsheets and a wall colour you dislike. Really spend time working on creating a sanctuary in the room, and only buy pieces you’ll wake up and feel happy to see.

add plants

Let’s face it, regardless of Feng Shui in the home, indoor plants are always a great idea to reduce stress and increase better mental health. In regards to which plants to buy, Golden Pothos is apparently one of the best Feng Shui plants to purchase because of it’s ability to rid the air of chemicals such as carbon monoxide. Jade plants and Bonsai trees are known as the money plants, but be warned – having a healthy, vibrant plant at home can bring great energy, but forgetting to water it and leaving it to die is definitely not the route you want to go in terms of Feng Shui.

Are you a fan on Feng Shui in the home? Do you follow any of these “rules” already?

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