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Although it’s not a style of interior design we’ve fully embraced here in the UK just yet, if Pinterest is anything to go by, the popularity in Hollywood Regency is certainly growing.

Often spotted in the likes of Palm Springs and Beverly Hills over on the West Coast, Hollywood Regency is a design style that comprises bold use of colour and contrasting prints, with opulent and often Avant Garde styling.

As with most things Hollywood, there’s a level of glamour and drama that suits its 1930’s origins perfectly. Today we wanted to share how to get the same larger-than-life style at home yourself. If you’re a risk taker, this is a décor style to consider.



One of the most recognisable characteristics of Hollywood Regency is its use of bold colours. From rich green teamed with monochrome, to cerise pink walls and red carpets, this isn’t a décor for those who like a serene, mellow environment. No surface is left unpainted either as contrasting skirting boards and painted ceilings are de regular, and finishes are high gloss such as the use of black lacquer. (Image credit: Lonny)



Why stop at bold colours when you can clash prints? Geometric patterns such as stripes and art deco inspired graphics are signatures of Hollywood Regency, while modern influences welcome statement wallpaper in ditzy prints, chinoiserie and small, intricate motifs. The key here is to team with a larger print such as stripped drapes, or a piece of bold colour block artwork. (Image credit: Mix & Chic)



Mid-century modern furniture changed the feel of Hollywood Regency in the 1970’s and out went gloss and mirrored designs and in came woods and brass – Palm Springs personified if you ask us. The great thing about achieving this Regency style now, is that mid-century modern has never been so popular in terms of affordability and demand on the high street. Looking for a great starting piece? Consider a sideboard, which you can add to your existing décor and style to suit your taste. (Image credit: Covet House)



When it comes to styling, more is definitely more with Hollywood Regency interior design. From ceramic tigers spread across the fire surround, to marble tables underneath starburst statement lighting, each piece is designed to be a conversation starter. You can just imagine the dinner parties, can’t you? Pieces to consider include statement lamps for the bedroom or side tables, vintage room dividers (great for creating zones in an open plan space), decorative sculptures, mirrored trays, ornate frames, feathers, and Greek influences in soft furnishing like the cushions pictured above. (Image credit: Dimples & Tangles)



Finally, in contrast to the mid-century modern furniture favoured, pieces like armchairs and sofas were often curved in silhouette to create a more harmonious feel to the room. Slopping arm rests and oyster inspired headboards are seeing a resurgence recently, but if you’re looking for that true Hollywood Regency finish, shop vintage and find yourself hidden treasures. (Image credit: Living Etc)

How do you feel about Hollywood Regency, is it a style that you’d consider working into your own home?

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