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Do you want to create a gorgeous home?

Learning how to create a moodboard is the first step



What you'll get.....

how to create a moodboard

You'll also get 15 FREE Moodboard Masterclass Templates, The Supplier Directory & The Trade Directory >> Learn How To Create A Moodboard With All The Tips!

  • The essential skills for creating digital Moodboards (with super easy, medium and more advanced software options)
  • How to use a clipping mask and more advanced features so images take on a shape (and so does your room!)
  • How to create a custom colour pallette (perfectly coordinated to your paint, wallpaper and furnishing choices)
  • How to skilfully edit your Moodboards for a professional result and convey your vision (great for convincing your hubby 😉)
  • The skills to create your room design, bring all the elements together and KNOW that they'll work! 😍
  • Get your questions answered by our friendly professional designers in the HomeEnvy Hub! (cut out that design overwhelm, we've got you!)

Here's what you'll be able to create.....

how to create a moodboard
how to create a moodboard
how to create a moodboard
how to create a moodboard
how to create a moodboard
how to create a moodboard

And you'll also get....


The Trade Directory

If you have no idea who to trust or where to head for reputable trades, you'll find out with our Trade Directory.

It's our Little Black Book of highly recommended curtains makers, carpet fitters, upholsterers and decorators, covering all corners of the UK.

An indispensable tool if you're planning on decorating your home.


The Supplier Directory

If you're struggling knowing where to shop, or who's who in the interiors industry, you'll find out in our Supplier Directory.

It's packed full of all the fabric, wallpaper paint and even leather companies in the industry to get your creativity started and cut out the interiors overwhelm.

AND if you don't LOVE it, we'll give you your money back no questions asked.

See you on the inside lovely, you're going to love our creative HomeEnvy hub and learning how to create a moodboard. Thank you for being a part of our community!

Natalie 2020

Natalie Gisborne

Founder at HomeEnvy Members Club

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