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6 Step Plan For Creating A Gorgeous Home From The Inside Out!

What a week, what a crazy week. Now I love to create gorgeous homes, but being forced to spend so much time in our homes..... well, it's tough on so many levels.

I know that I can't help with so much of the worry right now, but I hope I can give you a bit of a different focus.

And if we all have to be at home, it's the perfect time to make sure they're beautiful! 

Your home is going to become your sanctuary over the next few months, a little distraction and a lot of beauty can play a huge part in how our homes (and heads) feel.

I thought I'd give you some actionable things to do, to stop you getting cabin fever and climbing the walls.... And just imagine how amazing our homes and gardens are going to look in the next few months! 

Follow the 6 steps below and you'll have some design dilemmas solved and some projects planned to perfection..... and hopefully a little more beauty and a little less boredom.

Your Action At Home Plan....

Step 1 - Declutter

The first step in the 'action at home' plan, is one of the most important. Decluttering your home can bring you so much headspace and clarity.

Decluttering your home and organising doesn't need to feel like a chore or burden, it can be incredibly liberating getting some clarity from clearing the chaos.

I'm sharing with you some top tips to declutter your home (and mind) with a free checklist and printable so that you can clear the chaos today.

Step 2 - Get To Grips with Colour

Before you even start a decorating project, colour is probably the first thing on your mind. We usually have some idea whether we want the room to have a splash of colour, look muted or remain plain white, but that decision is often based around our personal preference and whether something "looks right".

But the thing to remember is, on a technical scale, certain colours work together, and some – well, don’t. In step two we’re going to talk about the different ways colour schemes work and how to incorporate them into your own interior design projects.

Step 3 - Create a Whole Home Palette

Step 3 in your 'action at home' plan, is for anyone that loves a little flow and cohesion in your home colour schemes....

Choosing a colour palette for your whole house means selecting colours that you can use in different ways in each room to create a cohesive look. By repeating the same colours throughout, your home will flow from one room to the next.

Step 4 - Budget Friendly Ideas

Now more than ever, we need to think of way we can decorate our homes for less. so before we jump into the planning elements, make sure you're up to speed with how you can get some savings. 

I wanted to give you some ideas for how to decorate on a budget when pennies are super tight or even if you just want to live a little more sustainably. And I'll give you my secret weapon thats saved me tens of thousands of pounds! 

Step 5 - Master Moodboards

When it comes to decorating your home, whether it’s a simple change of paint or a more complex renovation, you could potentially be washing thousands down the drain if you don’t plan from the very beginning.

In step 5 you're going to master moodboards! You'll learn how creating a mood board can save you not only money, but time and stress.

Step 6 - Creating the plan

You've looked at your options, figured out your colours, crafted your moodboard... well the final step in the process, it's time to create that action at home plan. 

I am here to help provide a little relief and distraction, just imagine how amazing our homes and gardens are going to be in a few months time now we all have the time at home.

Email and tell me what help or support you need in your home, and I’ll get back to you with options, which will include (but isn’t limited to) what I can offer for free.

Have an amazing Mother's Day and take care of yourself.

Natalie xx

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