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How To Get Your House Organised This Autumn

How to organise your home for Autumn

Hands up if secretly love to give your house a spring clean? Guilty!

There’s nothing better than popping on the marigolds and getting out the big boys – we mean the steam mop, the window cleaner, the hand steamer for pillowcases (basically all the equipment we can’t be bothered to use all year round).

As it’s September and we’ve got that 'back to school' feeling, this provides the perfect time to give your house a deep clean and declutter ready for the colder months – also ready for when Father Christmas pays a visit and brings more clutter! Sorry for using the C word so early on a Sunday morning.

Today we’re sharing five tips on how to approach a deep clean this autumn, especially when it can feel hugely overwhelming when you live anywhere larger than a studio apartment.

Start Small

Instead of feeling like you have to tackle the whole house in one go, why not dedicate one evening that week to a drawer or a cupboard. Nothing else.

Make your way through your chosen drawer, filing papers, getting rid of anything you haven’t used within the last year, and gather loose cables together and add into a zip bag to stop them from tangling the whole drawer up.

The key is to not feel overwhelmed, so set a time limit of when you’d like the house to be done and work backwards, blocking out time to tackle each room.

Organise Your Organisation

Create a sorting system (or three piles as we like to call it) – one for the rubbish, one for the charity shop and one for things that are staying in the house, but you’re not sure where to put them just yet.

Decluttering is so therapeutic for the soul, especially once you’re able to give things you once loved to someone else to love.

The rule is, if it’s in good condition but you haven’t used it for over a year, then into the charity pile it goes.

You could even make some extra money by selling things on Gumtree, eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Categorise Your Home

One of the best ways to organise the home and help it remain that way is to categorise things and keep everything together.

For example, have a cupboard filled only with cleaning products and tools. Make sure all your travel things, including passports and travel plugs etc, are kept together. Filing away your business receipts or bills in one place and shredding everything you don’t need is a great way to feel instantly lighter.

Once you start to categorise, it’s hard to stop!

Invest In Clever Storage

Stylish but practical storage is a must for every household. Clever storage ideas to consider include:

1. Thin profile coat hangers to fit more into your wardrobe

2. Hanging hooks for the inside of cupboards

3. Vacuum packs to store away your summer wardrobe

4. Under the bed boxes on wheels so you’re able to access them easily

5. Use space around the door with clever shelving

6. Storage benches that equal as seating are a great idea

7. Maximise space under the stairs to your advantage

8. Use pretty trays and baskets around the house to organise things in a stylish way

9. Invest in drawer organisers, which are especially good for dressing rooms and bathrooms

One In, One Out

Finally, if you have children, teach them the one in, one out rule, to keep clutter to a minimum. So once they bring home a new toy, the have to decide which other toy they’re going to give to someone else to look after.

Is an autumn clean on your agenda this month? Which room are you looking to tackle first? We love this post on how to deep clean your kitchen from one of our favourite interior bloggers, Apartment Number 4, and might just be following this advice today.

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