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Space Saving Tips For Small Bathrooms

space saving tips for small bathrooms

For city-living in the UK, having a small bathroom is a common issue. There is nothing more frustrating than the clutter that comes with having little space.

Odds are, you are probably in need of some storage ideas to keep the clutter hidden away and your bathroom looking clean and organised.

Selecting Your Bathroom Furniture

First things first, select bathroom furniture that provides storage and utilises the bathroom space well.

For those of us with little space to work with, make your walls do all the work. Find a wall-hung unit that fits the space you have. Shelves, multi-purpose mirrors, and hanging cabinets are a great place to start and provide subtle storage without taking up additional space.

Another great option is that of a vanity unit. They not only disguise necessary plumbing components, but host the additional bonus of storage for loose items.

Pick Up The Paintbrush

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do. A common problem with small bathrooms is the colour choice. The wrong colour can make the room feel boxed in, and even smaller than it already is.

Selecting a neutral colour tone for the walls and flooring allows the room to feel infinitely larger, as it has the effect of a never-ending space.

If you are unsure, you can download augmented reality apps (Dulux has a great visualiser app) which will show you what the room will look like in different colours.

Another option when it comes to decorating your bathroom is that of a feature wall, where you can add some personality without feeling overwhelmed.

Make It Unique

Don’t forget to make the space your own. Whatever your style, clever storage and good use of space will make it work.

Add a personal touch, such as a plant or piece of art, to bring some character to the room.

Many art pieces also have the added advantage of playing with a person’s perception and can be used to make the room feel more spacious.

The greenery of plants have a similar effect so add the odd leafy botanical to brighten up the space and add a touch of your personality.

Invest In Clever Storage

The first must have is a bath caddy. With a bath caddy you can create a tranquil space when you’re bathing, yet also use it through the day to store lotions and potions.

A ladder shelf is a great alternative to hang towels from whilst saving on limited floor space you may have.

Floating shelves, meanwhile, provide a stylish storage option, reading for plants to products, towels and everything in between.

Whether you are starting from scratch, renovating, or just looking to get rid of some clutter, these simple tips will get you started.

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Unclutter Your Small Bathroom With These Smart Space Saving Solutions


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